We all know that doing our homework is key to winning deals. Yet very few of us do it consistently. Why? Time constraints!

In these two micro-courses, I'll share efficient ways to do your homework so that you can uncover opportunities, speak the buyer's language, and position yourself as a credible source.

Hacks to Preparing for Your Sales Calls

Two micro-courses | Two quizzes to test your knowledge | Two one-pagers with key points

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Meet Your Trainer

Rana Salman, Ph.D., MBA

CEO of Salman Consulting, LLC.

Hi, my name is Rana Salman, and I am passionate about everything SALES. I've been in B2B sales for close to two decades, and throughout my sales career, I've experienced wins and losses and lots of lessons along the way. As a sales consultant, I work with organizations to help improve sales effectiveness through strategy, training, and 1x1 coaching.

Being a sales practitioner, I am a no-fluff type of consultant, and I practice what I preach! So, get ready for a raw discussion on what works, what doesn't, and the lessons learned along the way. I hope you find new nuggets of information that will help you reduce your sales cycle length, build your pipeline, sell value, qualify in or out quickly, and win deals.